Legacy Wedding Team


Robert is the founder and vision behind Legacy Wedding Video. He has a strong eye for beauty and all things artistic. He is also a master audio producer, audio recording technician, video editing master, and video creation whiz. But perhaps his strongest testimony is his reason for starting Legacy Wedding Video. He is a strong Christian believer, and therefore is passionate about the institution and sanctity of marriage. In a day and age where commitment has all but fallen to the wayside, he is a shining example to those who are inspired to remember their special wedding day because they have the courage to have faith in God’s sacred vow.


Christopher is a dedicated audio and video specialist in addition to being a great close up cameraman. His editing skills are very advanced and he is musically gifted, so he is able to take all types of footage and craft beautifully edited moments from the footage of your wedding day.


Our youngest up and coming videographer is gifted with an artistic ability that brings a creative flair and a unique vision to your special day.


Often working with Robert, Cooper is an experienced cameraman and internet specialist behind our website and operations. He heads up our partner company 1st Search Optimization. He has worked with Wedding Cinema on Long Island, New York and continues to build beautiful websites, wedding and non-wedding alike. He has been specializing in video, audio, multimedia and the internet for over 15 years now.


Knowledgeable with all aspects of the video process. His experience and artistic vision are second to none.


Our most technically advanced team mate keeps us on the cutting edge.